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Funko Pop 1263 Homerzilla

"Treehouse of Horror XXVI" is the fifth episode of the twenty-seventh season of the American animated television series The Simpsons, the 26th episode in the Treehouse of Horror series of Halloween specials, and the 579th episode of the series overall. The episode was directed by Steven Dean Moore and written by Joel H. Cohen. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 25, 2015.[1]

The episode, like the other Treehouse of Horror episodes, comprises three self-contained segments. In "Wanted: Dead, Then Alive", Sideshow Bob finally murders Bart; in "Homerzilla", Homer plays the role of Godzilla and his American remake; and in "Telepaths of Glory", Lisa, Milhouse and Maggie receive telepathic powers. Showrunner Al Jean gave an interview about the episode in the month before it aired. Kelsey Grammer reprises his role as the guest voice of Sideshow Bob, and the opening musical sequence was animated by John Kricfalusi. This is the first Treehouse of Horror episode or Simpsons Halloween Special to not have that title on screen. The episode's title with Roman numeral appears in promotional materials. The Simpsons series title also does not appear on screen.

In a parody of Godzilla, a crazy old Japanese man based on Grampa Simpson is constantly mocked because every day he drops a perfect donut into the ocean. When asked why he does such things, he says that is because if he does not, a huge sea monster will rise and destroy the city. One day, as he is preparing a donut for his "ritual", he chokes on the toppings and dies. With nobody to drop the donuts, a sea monster called Homerzilla (Homer) wakes up and destroys the city. The scene cuts to the present time, where executives are watching the black-and-white Homerzilla film, stating that it is so bad that it deserves a remake. Two years later, they release Zilla, a total failure. They throw all the merchandising into the ocean, but the containers wake up the real Homerzilla and a message appears reporting that he will return as soon as people have forgotten about the last film.