Pop! Television - South Park - Farmer Randy - #1473

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Funko Pop 1473 Farmer Randy

Randy S. Marsh is a fictional character in the American adult animated sitcom South Park. He is the most prominent parent on the series and a married father who raises his son Stan and daughter Shelley along with his wife Sharon in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado.  His first name is derived from the first name of series co-creator Trey Parker's father, and Parker describes him as "the biggest dingbat in the entire show".

In tradition with South Park's animation style, Randy is composed of simple geometrical shapes, animated with the use of a computer, and rendered to mimic the appearance of construction paper cutout compositions animated through the use of stop motion, which was the technique used to animate the Spirit of Christmas short films.  Randy is voiced by Trey Parker.

South Park is an American animated sitcom.  The series revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and their exploits in and around the titular Colorado town.  South Park became infamous for its profanity and dark, surreal humor that satirizes a substantial amount of subject matter.