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Funko Pop Seymour Krelborn 655

Seymour Krelborn, is a character from the movie Little Shop of Horrors.  He is a nerdy florist who loves "strange and interesting" plants.  He is nice and well-intentioned, but is easily influenced: the plant, Audrey II, tricks him into feeding it humans by simply showing his love interest's romantic troubles to his face, which he then immediately grows enraged over.

Little Shop of Horrors is a 1986 American horror comedy musical film directed by Frank Oz.  It is an adaptation of the 1982 off-Broadway musical of the same name, which is itself an adaptation of the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors by director Roger Corman.  The film, which centers on a floral shop worker who discovers a sentient carnivorous plant that feeds on human blood, stars Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin, and the voice of Levi Stubbs.  The film also features special appearances by Jim Belushi, John Candy, Christopher Guest and Bill Murray.  It was produced by David Geffen through The Geffen Company and released by Warner Bros. on December 19, 1986.