Hockey - 2022/23 - Topps - NHL Sticker Pack (5 Stickers)

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2022-23 Topps NHL Hockey Sticker Pack


  • 5 Stickers per pack


Each Pack Contains Four Player Stickers and One Sun Pillar Foil Sticker!

Skating in for another cool release, check out this all-new release of the 2022/23 Topps NHL Sticker Collection with a fresh set of sticker designs built for the ice!

Check out brand-new Base Set designs and numerous new inserts such as 2022 NHL Captains, The Great Outdoors, 1971/72 Topps Rookies, and much more!

Bring together the NHL Stanley Cup Foil Puzzle, and collect special foil stickers falling one per pack.

Collect all 684 stickers including the Topps 1985 All-Star MVP Photo Variation and the album-exclusive Photo Variants!



Collect 384 Base Set player stickers and 32 Season Highlights stickers for all 32 NHL teams!


Look out for insert stickers from the following sets:

1971-72 Topps Rookies

Bringing a spotlight to all the freshest rookies to hit the ice.

2022 NHL Captains

Showcasing the players with the "C" or "A" on their chest, who led their team into battle on the ice, night after night.

The Great Outdoors

Look back on the most fun moments that the league had in outdoor play in the NHL Winter Classic, NHL Stadium Series, and NHL Heritage Classic from the 2021/22 NHL Season.

NHL All-Star

The bright lights of Vegas were a blast, and some of the league's top players really stood out. Check out all the highlights with this awesome sticker set!

1985 Topps NHL All-Stars

Picking up the 1985 Topps All-Star design, check out some of the top players from NHL All-Star, including a special Photo Variation sticker of the game's MVP!

Celly Season

A celebration of celebrations, check out some of our favorite icy fist pumps from the past season in hockey!

Art of the Deke

Framed and ready for the museum, check out some of the top-tier fakeouts from some of the league's finest!

International Ice

As hockey grows to be more of a global game, here are some of the top skaters from all around the world!


Find one foil insert sticker per pack from one of the following sets:

Foil Players and NHL Mascots

Collect this set featuring three of the top players/mascots from each team!

NHL Team Logo Stickers

Find these team logo foil stickers for all 32 teams including the first-ever Team Sticker for the Seattle Kraken!

Ice Vibrations

An interweaving design bringing together some of the top players -- fill in the gaps for a complete full-page design!

Stanley Cup Foil Puzzle

*** Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case. ***