Hockey - 2021/22 - Upper Deck CHL - Hobby Pack (16 Cards)

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2021-22 Upper Deck CHL Hockey Hobby Pack


  • 16 Cards per hobby pack


Look for Base Set Autograph Parallels!
Look for Connor Bedard Autographs!

2021/22 Upper Deck CHL features a 400-card base set, including 100 short-print cards of stars and star rookies that have autograph parallels to chase!

Look for cards from three new insert sets! CHL Profiles spotlights the league's top prospects. First Draft includes top players from the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL 2021/22 Drafts. Top Imports features the top players from the Import Draft.

Each box contains 12 Base Set Stars and/or Star Rookies cards; four CHL Profiles and/or Next Step cards; three 2020/21 CHL Star Rookies cards; two Top Imports, First Draft, and/or They're Exceptional cards; one Base Set Stars or Star Rookies Clear Cut parallel card; and at least one #'d parallel or printing plate parallel card.

  • Look for Autograph Parallels!
  • Collect the 400-Card Base Set!
  • Find SP Stars and Star Rookies Cards!
  • Look for New Insert Sets!

Key Players

  • Connor Bedard
  • Shane Wright
  • Brandt Clarke
  • Matthew Savoie
  • Kevin Korchinski
  • Conor Geekie
  • Denton Mateychuk
  • Nathan Gaucher
  • Maveric Lamoureux
  • Brayden Yager
  • Zach Benson
  • Colby Barlow
  • Quentin Musty
  • Lukas Dragicevic
  • Nate Danielson
  • Ethan Gauthier


Base Set

The 400-card Base Set consists of 300 regular cards and 100 SP cards (stars and star rookies).  Look for the Exclusives, High Gloss, and Autograph parallels of the short-print stars and star rookies! Also keep an eye out for 2020/21 CHL Star Rookies!

CHL Profiles

This exciting new insert set is a 20-card collection of the top CHL prospects.  Each card includes a report of the featured player.  Look for the low-numbered autograph parallel!

First Draft

A new insert set featuring 25 of the top players from the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL 2021/22 Drafts.  This set features red, blue, white, and black parallels, along with blue auto and black auto parallels! NEW

They're Exceptional

This ultimate chase is a three-card set featuring players with exceptional status in the league! Be on the lookout for the red parallel and white auto parallel.

Top Imports

This 11-card insert set features the top players from the Import Draft.  Search for the low-numbered red, blue, white, and black parallels!

*** Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case. ***