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Funko Pop Wildcat 466 EB Games EXCLUSIVE

Wildcat is a fictional character in Disney's animated television series TaleSpin.  He is a clueless and gangly lion who typically wears a mechanic's outfit.  He's really childlike but a mechanical genius.  He can fix a smashed telephone in under ten seconds.  He's infamous for being able to build the rare "overdrive" for airplanes.  He has something of a lisp.  Wildcat has a special place in his heart for dinosaurs as they are his favorite animal.  He is also fond of pets and toys.  He is honest and truthful, at times too truthful to make Baloo get annoyed.

TaleSpin is an animated television series based in the fictional city of Cape Suzette, that first aired in 1990 with characters adapted from Disney's 1967 animated feature The Jungle Book. The name of the show is a play on "tailspin", the rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral. The two words in the show's name, tale and spin, are a way to describe telling a story.