Pop! Star Wars - Queen Amidala - #29

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Funko Pop 29 Queen Amidala

Padmé Amidala (born Naberrie) is a character in the Star Wars franchise. She first appears in The Phantom Menace (1999) as the teenage queen of the fictional planet Naboo. After her reign, she became a member of the Galactic Senate. Prior to her career in the Galactic Senate, Amidala was the elected leader of the Royal House of Naboo. A political idealist, she advocated for the preservation of democracy as well as a peaceful resolution to the Clone Wars. Amidala is compassionate towards others and holds strongly to what she believes in. She was a very compelling and empathetic speaker while serving as senator, particularly when opposing the escalation of the Clone Wars. She even began to doubt the Republic when the Senate granted Palpatine more executive powers near the end of the Clone Wars. Amidala could no longer ignore the needs of her people and accepted Queen Réillata's offer to become a senator after two terms as queen. For her wisdom, courage and compassion, she was admired by her followers. Although she preferred to resolve situations through diplomacy, she was not afraid to lead her allies into combat if necessary.

She secretly marries Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, and later dies giving birth to twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Anakin's fear of losing Padmé pushes him towards the dark side of the Force, ultimately resulting in his transformation into Darth Vader.

Natalie Portman plays Padmé in all three films of the trilogy.