Pop! Star Wars - Knight Of Ren (Blaster Rifle) - #331

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Funko Pop 331 Knight Of Ren (Blaster Rifle)

The Knights of Ren is an organization introduced in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Kylo Ren is the highest-ranking member among this group as he is the master of the knights. Despite their alliance with the First Order, the Knights of Ren are not part of the formal hierarchy of the organization, as their agendas trump that of the First Order's commanding officers. It is unknown how many knights existed, but twelve have been seen so far. Before being led by Kylo, they had a leader who called himself "Ren", until Ben Solo killed him and took his place.

Dating back centuries, the Knights of Ren were an almost-mythical group of marauders that followed the ideology of the "Ren". This ideology was based around following the will of the dark side itself, rather than their own selfish interests. As the Sith did, they lived how they chose, took what they wanted, and consumed what the dark side sent them. All the Knights of Ren are Force-sensitive, but their strength with the dark side of the Force is middling and amateurish. Additionally, each Knight of Ren is a weapons specialist, and trained with their own unique and deadly weapon of choice.

As of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Knights of Ren were all wiped out by the redeemed Ben Solo.