Pop! Television - Stranger Things - Hopper - #1253 - SPECIAL Edition

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Funko Pop Hopper 1253 SPECIAL Edition

James "Jim" Hopper Jr. is a fictional character from the Netflix science fiction horror drama series Stranger Things. He is the chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana, who, throughout the first three seasons, investigates the strange occurrences in the town. Hopper is portrayed by David Harbour.

James "Jim" Hopper Jr., nicknamed "Hop", is the chief of Hawkins Police Department. Hopper has lived in Hawkins nearly all his life, having attended high school with Joyce Byers and Bob Newby. Hopper served in the Chemical Corps during the Vietnam War, where he worked with Agent Orange, an experience he believes to have led to his daughter Sara’s fatal illness. Hopper was married to Diane and they had a daughter together, Sara. They divorced after his young daughter died of cancer, which caused him to lapse into alcohol and drug addiction to numb his grief. For a few years after Sara's death, he was a homicide detective in New York City before moving back to Hawkins. Eventually he grows to be more responsible, saving Will Byers as well as taking Eleven in as his adopted daughter. In Season 3 he tries to break up Eleven and Mike since their relationship is moving too fast for him, while Hopper himself is falling in love with Joyce.

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