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Funko Pop 958 Wooloo

Wooloo is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

Wooloo has white fleece and the rest of its somewhat plump body is dark brown, with gray fleece in style of braids, and a little bit of pink in its ears and on its nose. It has two tiny horns on both sides of its head. Timid and docile, Wooloo prefer staying in herds and follow their lead. When facing a problem, they would rather roll away as a method to avoid it. Wooloo's wool never ceases growing in their lifetime. Even when sheared, they will return to their original woolly appearance only in three months' time. The wool can provide immense warmth, which explains its being used to produce Galar's specialties — namely, clothes and mats.

It evolves into Dubwool at level 24.