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Funko Pop 949 Sobble

Sobble is a fictional species of Pokémon created for the Pokémon franchise.  Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo, the series began in Japan in 1996 with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue for the Game Boy.  It was first introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield and was one of three Pokémon available to the player at the beginning of the game, along with Grookey and Scorbunny.  It is a Water-type Pokémon and evolves into Drizzile, then Inteleon, both of which are also Water-type.  Critics were confused as to why Sobble cried, with some calling it "annoying".

Sobble is a small lizard Pokémon able to camouflage itself when touching water.  When it is nervous, embarrassed, or upset, it may cry, which can both cause it to become transparent and cause those around it to cry.  Sobble is a meek Pokémon, which the designers considered unusual for a starter Pokémon.  They commented that Sobble would be good for players who are "kind and caring."  Pokémon species designer James Turner expressed that he liked Sobble because it is "cute" and people "want to take care of it".