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Funko Pop 956 Luxray

Luxray is an Electric-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV.

Luxray resembles a fully-grown lion with a black and blue coat and a spiked mane.  Black fur covers most of its body except the backs of its legs, midsection and some of its face. It has light-blue legs with three yellow rings on the front legs.  On its rear is a spiked tuft of fur.  Its tail ends in a golden star.  It has red scleras and golden irises and pupils.

With eyes that glow in the dark, Luxray possesses the innate ability to see through solid surfaces.  Luxray's sight is so good, they can see through objects as if they have X-Ray vision ; this allows it to easily track down its lost young or prey as well as detecting danger nearby.  But doing so can drain a lot of its energies, thus it spends most of its time sleeping to recharge itself.  When their families are threatened, Luxray will attack back ferociously with the powerful Thunder Fang.  One pride can hold as many as half a dozen Luxray, each with varying levels of dominance.  The leader Luxray can be either of either gender, with their mates being second-in-command.  The remaining Luxray are ranked based on their strength, challenging each other in battle to determine placement. This order determines who eats first at meals, leads the pack during prowls, and other aspects of life as well.  Challenging leaders has the highest stakes of them all; losers are exiled from their prides, forced to start new ones on their own.  A Luxray's primary job in its pride is to care for offspring and defend the family.  They will also occasionally aid in hunts to take down larger foes.  Despite being a Sinnoh Pokémon, a lot of them mostly live in Kalos, especially in Lumiose City.  Some also reside in the Isle of Armor.  Males have bigger manes than the females.

Luxray evolves from Luxio as of level 30. Luxray is the final evolution of Shinx.