Pop! Games - Pokemon - Growlithe - #597 - Flocked & EXCLUSIVE 2020 New York Comic Con LIMITED Edition

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Funko Pop 597 Growlithe Flocked & 2020 New York Comic Con LIMITED Edition EXCLUSIVE

Growlithe is a fictional species of Monsters from the Pokemon Japanese media franchise consisting of video games, animated series and films, a trading card game, and other related media. Growlithe is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Arcanine when exposed to a Fire Stone.

Growlithe is a quadrupedal canine Pokémon. It has orange fur with black stripes along its back and legs. The fur on its muzzle, chest, belly, and tail is beige, as is an additional tuft of fur on top of its head. Growlithe's coat is noticeably longer on its chest and tail. It has gray eyes, a black nose, and large, round and triangular ears with beige interiors. Its forepaws have two visible claws, while its hind paws have three toes each. Each paw has a brown pad. Growlithe are friendly, loyal, and have a strong sense of smell, making them popular as guard and police dogs. Growlithe bones have been found in ruins from the Stone Age, implying that humans have used them since then. It is based on the Shisa. It evolves into Arcanine via Fire Stone. It has a Fire/Rock-type Hisuian form.

New York Comic Con (also called NYCC) is an annual fan convention founded in 2006 and held in New York City.