Pop! Animation - Samurai Jack - The Guardian - #1055

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Funko Pop The Guardian 1055

Samurai Jack, sometimes addressed as The Samurai or simply Jack, is a sobriquet adopted by the title character of the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim animated television series Samurai Jack (2001–2004; 2017). He was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and is voiced by Phil LaMarr.  The character is introduced as a Japanese prince raised since youth as a samurai warrior, who trains under numerous teachers in a variety of skills in order to destroy the demon Aku with his divinely crafted sword.  Seconds before he can kill Aku, the demon sends him eons into the future, where Aku's future self rules all of Earth unopposed.  Adopting the alias "Jack", the samurai makes it his mission to find a way back to his time and prevent Aku's post-apocalyptic dystopia.