Pop! Animation - Cowboy Bepop - Ed & Ein - #1215

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Funko Pop #1215 Ed & Ein

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV is an elite geek prodigy from Earth. "Radical Edward" is a very strange and extremely intelligent teenage girl of around thirteen years of age.  "Radical Ed" could be considered a "free spirit"; she is fond of silly exclamations and childish rhymes, is easily distracted, has the habit of "drifting off" from reality sometimes in mid-sentence.  Ed's generally carefree attitude and energy act as a counterpoint to the more solemn and dark aspects of the show and is the anime's primary source of comic relief.  Ed remains a part of the Bebop crew until the twenty-fourth episode, when she, along with Ein, leaves the crew.

In the English dub, she almost always refers to herself in the third person. Not much is known about her origins, only that she spent some of her earlier childhood in a Catholic orphanage after being left there by her father, who appears in episode twenty-four.  Her father, Appeldelhi Siniz Hesap Lutfen, recognizes her immediately by her birth name of "Françoise Lütfen" and while initially unsure of her sex, leaves shortly after to continue his unending quest to document every asteroid that falls to Earth from the wreckage of the Moon.  In the manga, she was a friend of a timid young boy in the orphanage known simply as "Tomato" (the name given to her PC in the anime), who, like Ed, knew a great deal about computers and the net.  Ed's primary use to the Bebop crew is as a geek; she is widely known to be a whiz kid behind the computer.  Ed's computer of choice is a carry-along desktop, and when traveling by foot she will balance it on her head.  Her goggles can interact with it to give her a virtual reality environment in which she can browse an entire network at once.

Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi brought aboard the Bebop by Spike after a failed attempt to capture a bounty.  He often shows heightened awareness of events going on around him.  Over the course of the series, Ein answers the telephone, steers a car, uses the SSW, plays shogi, operates the "Brain Dream" gaming device (to hack a supercomputer in a few seconds), and generally performs tasks that an average canine would not be able to accomplish.

While the televised series only briefly hints that Ein's brain was somehow enhanced, the manga shows Ed accessing data stored in Ein's brain via a virtual reality-type interface with which she has a conversation with a human proprietor.  Ein is able to "speak" to other species, as demonstrated in Session 17: "Mushroom Samba" (he speaks to a cow with a subtitled bark of "Thanks", to which the cow has a subtitled moo back of "Oh, it's no problem").  Ein initially takes a shine to Jet, but when Ed joins the crew he comes around to her as well.  He follows Ed when she leaves the crew.