Pop! Ad Icons - McDonald's - Holiday Grimace - #205

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Funko Pop 205 Holiday Grimace

Grimace is a characters from the McDonaldland, who is a McDonald's media franchise and the fictional fantasy world inhabited by Ronald McDonald and his friends.

Grtimace has been performed by Patty Saunders from 1971–1983, Mauri Bernstein in some '80s commercials, Terry Castillo-Faass from 1983–2000, voiced by Lennie Weinrib from 1971–1986, Frank Welker and sometimes Larry Moran from 1986–2003, Kevin Michael Richardson in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.

Grimace is a large purple monster who was first introduced in November 1971 as the "Evil Grimace". In Grimace's first appearances, he was one of the original main antagonists and was depicted with two pairs of arms which were used to steal milkshakes and Cokes. "Evil" was soon dropped from Grimace's name and he was reintroduced in 1972 as a protagonist where he only has one set of arms. He was then a rather clumsy, but still amiable monster from then on. To celebrate the 51 year anniversary of the character's inception, in 2023, McDonalds ran a promotion to celebrate Grimace's birthday with the release of the Grimace Shake, which became an Internet meme on social media platforms.