Hockey - 2023/24 - Upper Deck Extended Series - Blaster Box (4 Packs)

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23-24 Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey Blaster Box


You can get Connor Bedard's Young Guns Canvas ($$$) in this Blaster box!

This product contains 4 packs of 12 cards per pack for a total of 48 cards. In each Blaster box, you will have at least one (1) Young Guns type rookie card but often two (2) or even three (3)! You will also have, on average, one (1) Green Dazzlers type card. Green Dazzlers cards are exclusive to Blaster boxes.

The Extended series offers the last 250 cards (numbered 501 to 700) of the complete series. You will find 200 veterans and 50 rookies (Young Guns) who were drafted in the first round of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Note the brand new parallel series Seeing Red. This series features some of the best scorers in the National Hockey League with a stunning foil design. Be on the lookout for the gold colored parallel foil series which you can only find in Blaster boxes.


Young Guns

701 Logan Cooley, Arizona Coyotes
702 Ondrej Pavel, Colorado Avalanche
703 Adam Edstrom, New York Rangers
704 Isak Rosen, Buffalo Sabres
705 Roby Jarventie, Ottawa Senators
706 Angus Crookshank, Ottawa Senators
707 Samuel Laberge, New Jersey Devils
708 Ryan Winterton, Seattle Kraken
709 Calle Clang, Anaheim Ducks
710 Jiri Kulich, Buffalo Sabres
711 Adam Fantilli, Columbus Blue Jackets
712 Magnus Chrona, San Jose Sharks
713 Martin Pospisil, Calgary Flames
714 Yaniv Perets, Carolina Hurricanes
715 Jiri Smejkal, Ottawa Senators
716 Sam Malinski, Colorado Avalanche
717 Ivan Miroshnichenko, Washington Capitals
718 Linus Karlsson, Vancouver Canucks
719 Ryan Johnson, Buffalo Sabres
720 Emil Heineman, Montreal Canadiens
721 Louis Crevier, Chicago Blackhawks
722 Dylan Garand, New York Rangers
723 Marc Johnstone, Pittsburgh Penguins
724 Dennis Hildeby, Toronto Maple Leafs
725 Jayden Struble, Montreal Canadiens
726 Ryker Evans, Seattle Kraken
727 Simon Nemec, New Jersey Devils
728 Georgii Merkulov, Boston Bruins
729 Matt Savoie, Buffalo Sabres

1st Round Rookies

730 Pavel Mintyukov, Anaheim Ducks
731 John Beecher, Boston Bruins
732 Tyson Foerster, Philadelphia Flyers
733 Marco Kasper, Detroit Red Wings
734 Ryan Johnson, Buffalo Sabres
735 Leo Carlsson, Anaheim Ducks
736 Connor Zary, Calgary Flames
737 Simon Edvinsson, Detroit Red Wings
738 Zach Benson, Buffalo Sabres
739 Connor Bedard, Chicago Blackhawks
740 Matthew Coronato, Calgary Flames
741 Adam Fantilli, Columbus Blue Jackets
742 Yaroslav Askarov, Nashville Predators
743 Jakob Pelletier, Calgary Flames
744 Matt Savoie, Buffalo Sabres
745 Ridly Greig, Ottawa Senators
746 Mackie Samoskevich, Florida Panthers
747 Logan Cooley, Arizona Coyotes
748 Kevin Korchinski, Chicago Blackhawks
749 Luke Hughes, New Jersey Devils
750 Adam Fantilli / Logan Cooley Columbus / Arizona Blue Jackets / Coyotes – Young Guns Checklist


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*** Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards. Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case. ***